Review of GroVia Hybrid Diapers

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The GroVia Hybrid diaper system is one of my favorites.  It made up the majority of my stash when my daughter was in diapers full time.  It is the diaper I give as a baby gift and the first that I recommend to people interested in trying cloth for the first time.



The GroVia Hybrid system consists of two parts; the waterproof shell and the absorbent soaker.  When changing diapers, if the shell is not soiled, you can simply snap out the wet soaker and snap in a dry one.  If the shell has become very wet or soiled, both the soaker and the shell need to be changed.

The shells are made of waterproof TPU and have a mesh lining so that the laminated side of the TPU never touches baby’s skin.  There are two snaps to hold the soakers firmly in place.  The shells adjust for three different rise settings with 3×3 snaps on the front of the shell.  The shell is available in snaps and hook & loop closures.  Snap shells feature a single row of snaps with both a center snap and a hip snap on the tabs to prevent “wing droop”.  The tabs can overlap to fit a very small or skinny baby.  Hook and loop shells have “tuck under laundry tabs” so they don’t come undone in the wash.  This helps the H&L to remain sticky longer and prevent annoying “diaper chains” in your washer.

There are three choices for soakers; organic cotton, stay-dry and disposable BioSoakers.  The organic cotton soakers are made of IMO certified cotton jersey (like a super-soft tee shirt).  They have soft cotton leg gussets and a two-part construction that helps them dry faster.  The stay-dry soakers are made from four layers of hemp/cotton topped with stay-dry microfleece.  They also have the soft leg gussets and two-part construction, but are a bit trimmer fitting than the cotton soakers.  The absorbency is about the same.

The disposable BioSoakers are a disposable option that is made from biodegradable and compostable materials.  They contain no fragrances, dyes, plastic or chlorine.  They can either be attached to the shell with adhesive tabs or be simply laid in the shell (the shell fits snugly enough to hold it in place on the baby).

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I cannot say enough good things about the GroVia Hybrid system.  These diapers are easy to use and offer choices in shells and inserts, so most people should be able to find a combination to suit their taste.  The system offers a very trim fit because of the narrow crotch and lower rise.  My daughter was even able to wear skinny jeans with her GroVias.  GroVia diapers are available in several solid colors and several prints.   I especially love that the colors are bold and different from the colors offered by many other manufacturers.  The shells are also compatible with GroVia bamboo prefolds, GroVia Kiwi Pie fitteds as well as many other prefolds, flats and fitteds.

I find very few cons in the GroVia hybrid system.  The biggest one for me is that the inserts take a lot of washes to prep.  Sometimes it can take as many as 10 washes to reach full absorbency and stop leaking.  Also, because the inserts are so trim and narrow, some people find them to not be absorbent enough for heavy wetters.  The GroVia booster, available in stay dry and organic cotton, does add absorbency without adding much bulk, so that problem is easily remedied.  Lastly, when the soakers become saturated, the inner mesh on the shell sometimes gets wet.  This is a problem for some people, but I never found it to be an issue.  If a shell got wet, which happened very infrequently for me, I just changed it for a dry one.


Night Time Use

The GroVia hybrid was not our diaper of choice for night time.  By the time we tried these diapers, my daughter was over a year old and a tummy sleeper.  They tended to leak out the front and sides at night, so we used another diaper for overnight.  Many users do find that with a booster or two the GroVia hybrid works perfectly overnight, but since we already had a nighttime diaper that was working for us, we stuck with that and kept the GroVias for daytime use.


Baby size/measurements

We got our first GroVia hybrid diaper when my daughter was 1 year and 20 pounds until she potty trained at 2 ½ years and about 27 pounds.  She wore them on the middle rise setting the entire time.  My niece started using them when she was about 6 weeks old and 10 pounds and they provided a great fit at that size.  I have seen babies as small as 8 pounds and as large as nearly 40 pounds wearing these diapers comfortably and with good performance.

Written by Consultant Laura Hammond

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