How I Cloth Diapered My Newborn by Stephanie Hanson

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Let’s just put it out there. Newborns poop. And they poop a lot. Those adorably tiny bottoms go through a metric ton of diapers per day. Or so it seems. It’s only the sleep deprivation that makes it feel like you are changing a diaper every five minutes. It’s really more like ten. Ok, so it’s a little better than that. In reality, it’s about a dozen per day. Now let’s say you’ve decided on a one-size diaper, whether it’s a fitted, all-in-one, pocket, or hybrid. Chances are your cute squishy little newborn is not going to be big enough...

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That’s a diaper?!

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When I teach Cloth Diapering 101 classes, I always enjoy how people react when I pull the flat diaper out of my kit. Eyes get big, and at least one person usually mutters “That’s a DIAPER?!” Flats certainly look intimidating to the uninitiated cloth diaperer, since they’re really just a big square of fabric and don’t look like a diaper at all, but they’re amazing and versatile, and well worth looking into when you’re building your stash. I love that they are truly a one-size diaper. These will fit a tiny newborn and a big ole toddler, because...

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Summer Days Must Haves: Day 4

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Summer must have #4 is Hyland’s Infant Earache Drops. Earache drops? Yup! Summer time is full of swimming and water related activities, and Hyland’s relieves the pain and itching from swimmer’s ears.  I just love Hyland’s products, and currently my youngest is teething. He is cutting 6 teeth (YIKES!) and teething tablets help soothe him during those periods of irritability that the amber necklace alone cannot help.  Make sure to check out other awesome Hyland’s products Diaper Parties has to offer.   Children under 3 years of age Tilt head...

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Summer Days Must Haves: Day 3!

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Summer Days must have item #3 is for mama! Mama needs to go swimming, right!? A moon cup! I have personally been using a cup for a couple of cycles, but never really would leave the house with it in. Not sure why. I did yesterday, and it was like a light bulb clicked! This was great! I went all day without worrying about it. The Moon Cup Menstrual Cup provides you with the same benefits as The Keeper, but is made of soft, non-latex, medical grade silicone. Introduced in 2006, The Moon Cup is innovative, economical, comfortable, and...

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Summer Days Must Haves: Day 2!

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What is summer without a swim diaper!? My favorite swim diaper is the fairly new, My Swim Baby, by Planet Wise. They have such adorable prints with matching UV shirts! Plus, for those little girls, ruffles!! The swim diapers are sized, but I highly recommend sizing up. They do run on the smaller size. My 20lb+ youngest can actually wear the 3T that I originally bought for my toddler, and it doesn’t even fit him at all at 33lbs. Sizes are as followed: Small (9-18 lbs) Medium (17-23 lbs) Large (22-26 lbs) XLarge (25-31 lbs) 3T (30-40 lbs) I...

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Summer Days Must Haves: Day 1!

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First day of summer is June 21st and it is coming among us. Depending where you live, summer is slowly arriving, or has been in full swing since February. I am located where it is in full swing in February, and so it is already miserably hot with “feels like” 100+ with humidity. So over the next couple of posts I am going to talk about 5 Summer must haves from Diaper Parties! So to kick off, EVERYONE can and will need a wetbag for summer! Wetbags can even be used by non-cloth users, because the uses are endless! They are great for the muddy,...

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Product Review: Bamboo Baby AIOs

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Bamboo Baby has an All-in-One diaper by Dri-line, and is often forgotten about. It is not a super popular brand, but one of my favorites! Dri-Line is a Canadian based company that designs and manufactures their products on site!   Features of the Bamboo Baby AIO include: Super soft bamboo Rayon fleece inner, including a one size liner with 3 layers of thirsty bamboo Rayon fleece. 2 x 3 snap design easily allows the Bamboo Baby AIO /OS diaper to grow with your baby. This snap design has been tried and tested for nearly two decades on our top...

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Non-Cloth Diapering Gift Ideas

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Are you looking for a baby gift for someone who doesn’t use cloth? No problem. We have you covered at Diaper Parties! Here is a list of my five favorite gift ideas ANY one can use! Monkey Foot Designs snack bags Hands down the BEST snack bags, and I have tried quite a few. Love that they have zippers instead of aplix (so much quieter!), they clean up easily, and come in many adorable prints!   X-Small bags are great for snacks, toys, IPOD’s, cell phones and other odds-and-ends. And YES!  These bags are Food Safe! Procare has *NO* DEHP,...

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